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The Grand Opening of The Gallery at Godwin

Life at Cathcart - 4-17-24

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Members of the Cathcart Group and Suffolk City Council came together on Thursday, April 11, to celebrate the grand opening of the Gallery at Godwin.

Located at 3061 Godwin Blvd, both groups gathered to cut the ribbon and officially welcome the luxury apartment complex to the City of Suffolk, which provides one to three-bedroom apartment homes, resort-style amenities, and proximity to retail. Cathcart Group CEO Todd Dofflemyer gave remarks during the ceremony, while also thanking those living at “Gallery” for choosing the complex.

“I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our residents that have embarked on this journey with us. You’ve taken a big leap of faith in a new building,” Dofflemyer said. “I think it’s a testament to the amazing staff we have, it’s a beautiful facility, it’s unmatched amenities in the area — you throw all that together with amazing customer service, and I think we have a recipe for just truly, an amazing community and that’s why we’ve been so successful so far.”

Dofflemyer expressed how welcoming Suffolk has been to Cathcart Group as developers in the area.

” … Suffolk, since we’ve hit the ground, has been very warm welcome. They have just gone above and beyond to make this a home for us at the Cathcart Group and we want to thank them for that. We’re looking forward to contributing to the community in a positive way for years to come and giving back.”

Mayor Michael D. Duman, attending with Vice Mayor Lue R. Ward Jr. and Council Members Shelley Butler-Barlow and John Rector of Nansemond, Chuckatuck, and Suffolk, respectively, gave remarks, thanking Cathcart Group for investing in the city.

“I look at these numbers, 255 luxury apartments, 16,000 square feet of retail space and you are located on one of the fastest growing corridors in our city,” Duman said. “I understand the Cathcart Group has 35 years of experience, I have no doubt whatsoever that this is going to be a huge success … I wish you much, much success for many, many years. You’ve provided another invaluable tax base for our city …”

Dofflemyer also commented following the ceremony. Alongside noting their amenities and “positively outrageous customer service,” Dofflemyer says he is “elated” at the grand opening of Gallery.

“From where we started and where we are, it’s a testament to the amazing team that we have, and the product,” he said. “We’re excited to be in the area and we think the future is bright.”